Postdoctoral Thesis (Habilitation) in Psychology (Dr. habil, Venia Legendi) | 2011 | Humboldt University Berlin, Germany | Thesis: The role of the medial prefrontal cortex in mediating social event knowledge

Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology (Dr. rer. nat., Magna Cum Laude) | 2000 | Humboldt University Berlin, Germany | Dissertation: Coding of temporal relations in semantic memory: Cognitive load and task-evoked pupillary response

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Research Experiences

Professor (2021-present), School of Systems Biology, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, USA 

Honorary Professor (2017-present), Department of Psychology, University of Mannheim, Germany 

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Feng C, Zhu Z, Cui Z, Geng H, Dreher JC, Wu X, Luo Y, Krueger F. Robust prediction of individual differences in trust propensity from intrinsic brain morphology and functional connectivity. Society for Neuroeconomics (SNE), 2019.

Krueger F, Bellucci G, Feng C, Camilleri J, Eickhoff SB, The role of the anterior insula in social norm compliance and enforcement. Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), 2018.

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International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (10th), Washington Hilton, USA, July 2019, The neuropsychological model of long-term bonding between humans and autonomy

Shenzhen Institute of Neuroscience, Shenzhen University, China, June 2019, The Emerging Neuroscience of Social Punishment: Meta-Analytic Evidence

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Book Chapters

Goodyear K, Krueger F. Neural signatures of advice utilization during human-machine agent interactions: Functional magnetic resonance imaging and effective connectivity evidence. In: Dehais F, Ayaz H. Neuroergonomics: The brain at work and in everyday life. Elsevier 2019:159-164.

Hoffman MB, Krueger F. The neuroscience of blame and punishment. In: Menon S, Nagaraj N, Binoy VV, editors. Self, culture and consciousness: Interdisciplinary convergences on knowing and being. Springer Nature 2017:207-223.

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